Showgirl Competition

2019 Tamworth Showgirl 

The Showgirl competition is run annually with the aim of finding a suitable young woman to represent the Tamworth region at the zone competition. If successful at zone Entrants will then go on to represent our region at the Sydney royal Easter Show in 2020.

The competition offers a fantastic opportunity for the young women of our region to develop confidence, meet like-minded young women and engage on a new level with the Tamworth Show.

If you're a Tamworth based woman aged 18-24 and would like more information for our 2020 Show please email our Showgirl co-ordinator Shelli This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Judging Information

The contestants are judged on personality, confidence, ambition and life goals, general knowledge, rural knowledge, presentation and speech.  Finalists are also asked to demonstrate knowledge of their local community and current affairs and apart from their potential ambassadorial qualities, contestants are also judged on their involvement in and experience of rural affairs.

These prerequisites have not changed since the inception of the Showgirl competition in 1962, as the value of these skills has not diminished.  The contestants continue to be young rural women with purpose and ambition.

The winning Showgirl of each local Show Society is selected by a panel of three judges and remains Showgirl until the next year’s Show. She performs various tasks which could include opening a Show, public speaking throughout the year, presenting prizes for winners in agricultural events etc.

Each local Show Society is a member of one of fourteen groups.  Two groups combine to form one of seven Zones that make up the NSW area.  In February/March of each year, Zone Finals are held in which each of the Zones select, from all the winners put forward by each of the individual Societies, a representative for the State Final. 

The number of representatives a Zone can have is based on the total number of entrants:  if 1 – 10 Zone Finalists then a Zone can have one (1) State Final representative; 11 – 17 Zone Finalists then two (2) State Final representatives; 18 – 30 Zone Finalists is three (3) State Final representatives and 31 and over is four (4) State Final representatives.  The judges for the Zone Finals are provided by the ASC.

The State Final for the Competition is conducted by the RAS at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and usually has between 15 – 18 entrants.  Judges are nominated by the RAS with the judging being conducted over a four-day period.

Entry requirements for the Land Sydney Royal Showgirl Competition

• The Competition is open to those who are permanent residents of Australia.

• Entrants must be women aged from 18 years to under 25 years as at 1 May in the year of the State Final.

• Entrants must reside, be educated, or work within New South Wales for at least three months prior to their local Showgirl Competition to qualify to compete within the State.

• Only candidates nominated by an Agricultural Show Society are eligible for Zone and State Final judging.

• Previous entrants in the Showgirl Competition are eligible to enter; however, they are not to have been one of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place getters in a previous State Final.

• The following people are not eligible to enter the Showgirl Competition: Staff, Delegates and Councillors of both the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (”RAS”) and Agricultural Societies Council of NSW (“ASC”); The daughters of the Staff, Delegates and Councillors of the RAS.

• Winning entrants who are employed or engaged in full time studies will be required to obtain a leave of absence to attend Zone and State Final Judging.

• The State Final Judging will take place during the Sydney Royal Easter Show.  Finalists will be guests of the RAS whilst in Sydney, but will be required to pay their own travelling expenses to and from Sydney.

• The winner of the State Final and second placegetter will be asked to remain in Sydney as guests of the RAS for a predetermined period of time to perform official duties at the Show. Other finalists may leave Sydney after all official Showgirl Functions.

• All entrants are to abide by the Showgirls’ Code of Conduct, as set-out out by the RAS and the ASC, when acting as an ambassador for RAS, ASC or their local Show Society.

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